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Hi there.

My name is null. I am an independent developer living in Hong Kong. Although nullium consists of just myself, and I can only work in my spare time, I do believe that the lack of resources can be overcome with passion if you try hard enough. Besides being an idiot, my weakest point is probably the lack of self-discipline and time management skill, therefore I have built this blog to publish and track my own progress.

I love creating stuff and exploring the unknowns. Hopefully you would like some of my little creations. I will keep learning and trying to make better stuff. Your support will motivate me in my endeavors.

Reach me anytime.

Feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Google+, or Twitter to get updates of nullium. You can also email me at null@nullium.com. Check out the forums if you have any question or feedback for my apps and games.

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If you like my work, you can show your appreciation and support future development via donations.

How did I make this site?

I handcrafted this site with love. :) I also made use of the following awesome resources: