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IsoPix is updated to 1.4.0 with several new features. The interface is now even more customizable. Also, you can now copy a selection once and paste it as many times as you like. It should be handy for many users. You may check the changelog below for other additions in this update. Enjoy!

Version 1.4.0:

- New feature: Function to set a default palette to be used for new images
- New feature: Option to set the default zoom level
- New feature: Option to remove the on-screen menu and back button
- New feature: Option to copy once and paste multiple times
- New feature: Option to adjust the button icon sizes
- New feature (Pro): Option to set the transparent background checkerboard colors
- New feature (Pro): Option to show the position information when using tools
- Now newly saved images should be shown immediately on the official Android gallery app