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I have been working on this new website for a while so I am very excited to release it at last.

The blog part of this website is now hosted on Github while the forums are hosted on my own Linux web server. Having my own web server also means that I will be able to create stuff that requires a server, which wasn't possible before. We shall see. For more technical details on what are used to build this new website, you may check out the updated about section.

While I have experiences in general computer usage and coding different kinds of software, I am pretty new to website development and Linux server management, so I really learned a lot during the process. I am quite happy with what I gained tho it was hard work.

The overall design is finished, but parts of the website are still under construction. In particular I plan to create individual pages for some of my apps in the creations section. I shall work on them later after I update the corresponding apps.

Checking my old blog, I found that I haven't published anything in the last several months. I can easily list many excuses, like day job being more demanding, myself being burned out, not having enough spare time, and so on. However, honestly, the main reason is simply me not being good enough - I was not good enough to manage my time and myself. I am determined to improve and try to be productive again. I will try my best to update here more frequently and this blog will be a platform for me to track and publish my own progress.

Lastly, besides the new website, I have also been working on StyleNote 2.0 lately. I will probably release it within the next few days if things go as planned. So, stay tuned. :)