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Nice Simple Photo Widget has been udpated to 1.4.0. There are two major additions.

The first one is the ability to launch a photo viewer app of your choice when a photo is single-tapped on the photo browsing interface. So now if you want to show off your photo in another photo viewer app, you can do that with just two taps: one tap to open the widget's photo browsing interface, another tap to open a photo viewer app of your choice. You can choose the photo viewer app in Settings.

Another addition is the option that allows you to show all photos in the sub-directories in the slideshow mode. It should be a useful option if you have lots of photo albums distributed in several directories.

I wish the photo widget users would find the new features useful. Enjoy. :)

The complete changelog is as follows:

Version 1.4.0:

- New feature: Now you can use a photo viewer app of your choice to view a photo when you single-tap on it on the photo browsing interface
- New feature: Now the slideshows can optionally show all photos in the sub-directories as well
- New feature: Added the "every 4 hours" slideshow interval
- Rearranged the options so that the slideshow options are now separated from the single-photo display option
- Now photo updates with the "every day" interval will less likely to be missed: it will now happen as soon as 24 hours are passed since the last update (so not necessarily happens at the 0th hour like before)
- Fixed an issue where the bottom buttons in the color picker dialog were not shown on some devices in landscape orientation
- Fixed an issue where Chinese wasn't used by default as the interface language on some Chinese systems which do not use a standard Chinese locale setting