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So I learned and did some web programming. It was an fun adventure. Today, I am happy to announce that Rapid Dictionary is launched!

Rapid Dictionary instantly gives you the English word definition as you type the word letter-by-letter. That means sometimes you only need to type in the first few letters of the word to get the definition. Try it out - it is quick and easy to use. :)

There is also a English-Chinese dictionary version of it that instantly gives you the Chinese definition instead of the English one.

As it generates the word definitions so rapidly, while I am using some of the most robust technologies out there to build the web app, I am not sure if my little server can cope with the heavy load if it gets popular. Maybe I don't have to worry about it being used by many people at the same time - oh well, we will see. :)


On a side note, I will do some Android programming now, meaning I will push out some updates of my apps and widgets soon. Stay tuned.