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StyleNote 2.1.0 has been released!

In additional to the notebook ordering/sorting feature which has been requested by a number of users, you can now also sort the notes by note title, modified time, or creation time. They should help you organize your notes in StyleNote better.

In the Pro version, I have also added the word count function and a few new note list customization options.

You can check out the full changelog below to learn about all the new features and improvements in this update. Enjoy! :)

Version 2.1.0:

- New feature: Automatic note sorting by note title, last modified time, or creation time (under "Notebook Preferences" in "Settings & Help")
- New feature: Custom notebook ordering (under "More notebook options..." in the notebook menu)
- New feature: Option to show creation date/time on the note list (under "Notebook Preferences" in "Settings & Help")
- (Pro) New feature: Automatic notebook sorting by name or creation time
- (Pro) New feature: Advanced note list customizations including spacing between notes and note highlighting border size/color options (under "Notebook Preferences" in "Settings & Help")
- (Pro) New feature: Word/character/paragraph count (under the toolbar menu in the note editor)
- Now the note customization preview is also available in the free version
- Improved the saving and storage of heavily-formatted notes
- Now the default note title and body text, when unchanged by the user, will be shown as hints instead of actual text in new notes
- Now auto-saving will not be executed if the note is not modified at all
- Now the user will not be asked to confirm to exit the note editor if the note is not modified at all
- Attempted to remove the unwanted underlining styles introduced by some input methods