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Nice Simple Photo Widget 1.4.0 Released

Nice Simple Photo Widget has been udpated to 1.4.0. There are two major additions.

The first one is the ability to launch a photo viewer app of your choice when a photo is single-tapped on the photo browsing interface. So now if you want to show off your photo in another photo viewer app, you can do that ...

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Donation Page Created

A few users asked me whether they could donate to me to show their appreciation of my work, so I have created a donation page to accept donations. The thought of wanting to support me via donations is encouraging by itself. Thank you all again for your support in any form!

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StyleNote 2.2.0 Released

StyleNote 2.2.0 has been released! It includes a feature wanted by quite a lot of users: homescreen widget scrolling. It can be used on Android 3.0 or newer systems. With this addition, now you can read your long notes directly on your homescreen without launching the editor. Since this feature involves some fundamental changes to StyleNote, it ...

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