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Nice Simple Photo Widget has been udpated to 1.5.0 with a new feature and several improvements. Tapping on the widget to switch photos is a frequently requested feature, and now it is here. :) An update is also made to the built-in file browser so that it would work well in the latest Android systems.

I will publish minor updates for StyleNote and IsoPix to update their file browsers very soon as well, then my focus would probably be on the StyleNote major update/rewrite.

The complete changelog is as follows:

Version 1.5.0:

- New feature: Added an option to allow changing the current photo with a single tap on the widget
- Now the widget will look at the photo's EXIF data (photo setting saved by some cameras) to determine the photo orientation and rotate the photo automatically
- Improved the built-in file browser to make file/folder selection easier and more versatile
- Improved the reliability of slideshow photo update
- Some other minor improvements and changes